Time to Go!

Well, here I go again. Trying to do something adventurous…something I’ve never done before. Funny thing about dreaming…you never seem to stop. I told myself, “your time has come and gone”…the time to do things like travel abroad, work internationally and learn a new language should have been done when I was younger. It would all have to wait. Wait until the girls were gone to college or wait until I had more money. I just thought it seemed impossible and I would just pour myself into what my family needed…keep working and stay afloat, pay the bills. But when I learned about RIAS/ RTDNA and the American/ German journalism exchange program, I started dreaming again. Dreaming of becoming that journalist I’ve always wanted to be. One that was well rounded, well traveled and one that could write from a different, broader perspective. And even better when I found out it was an all-expenses paid trip, for two weeks! I’m so grateful to my colleague…Clare for introducing it to me. I researched for my essays, told the heartfelt truth about why I wanted to be chosen as a fellow for RIAS and nagged others for recommendation letters (Thanks Brenda:) and waited five months for a moment I’ve been waiting for since I began my career as a reporter 17 years ago. Here I am waiting in the airport lobby to board a plane to Europe. I hope you join me to Berlin, Brussels, Prague and Dresden. I want to share everything with anyone who will read it. I love it when my children experience something new…like when my 2 year old saw Tigger at Disneyland for the first time. I thought she was going to explode with excitement. I think that’s about how I feel at this moment. And this is just the beginning. Here I go!


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