Radio Free, last day in Prague

Our last visit in Prague was to the offices of Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty, RFE/RL.
It’s a radio, television and Internet not for profit service funded by the U.S. These journalist risks their lives to provide radio, tv broadcasts to countries that ban free radio. Journalists have been murdered, kidnapped, jailed, threatened, their families threatened because they provide informational broadcasts to places that restrict what’s on the public radio. Our guide mentioned that she remembers her father climbing to the tops of mountains to get a radio signal that gave the facts and not propaganda.
There are bureaus all over including Russia, U.S., Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan. I felt privileged to be among these journalists who believe in what they do. Bringing justice and information to people who would not otherwise here the truth. Pictures were not allowed inside. But the website is
We had quick lunch at Nota Bene, an authentic Czech cafe which was delicious, (see photo me and another RIAS fellow) and we’re on a plane to Belgium. Until then…


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