In Prague!

The images below are real. It looks as if I’m surrounded by palaces. The cobblestones streets of Prague in the Czech Republic leads you through narrow roads of apartment homes and cozy little cafes. Prague is busier than the other cities we’ve visited. Dresden in Berlin had an older crowd, here in Prague…lots of young people.
Our first appointment, after the 3 hour bus ride from Saxony, was inside the German Embassy in Prague. Maike, the press secretary showed us the gates where nearly 6,000 refugees from East Germany camped on the grounds for weeks.
It was in 1989, East Germans were trying to escape to freedom and went to the German Embassy in Prague for help. It was heartbreaking seeing mothers trying to get their babies and children over the steel gates and into embassy territory to escape East Germany. The yellow building in the first photo is the balcony of the embassy where the secretary of state made the announcement to the Germans telling them they were free to leave the embassy and enter into West Germany. Many people had know idea how they would start their new lives as free people in West Germany, they just knew they would be free. They left everything behind. There’s a video on-line…if you search Genscher, Prague 1989 you should see it. After our visit at the embassy we strolled through the streets of Prague.
A castle that’s at least three to five blocks long sits at the very top of the hill. The city is picturesque and people are moving, walking fast. I see more cars here than I did in Berlin where it seemed everyone was riding a bike but still people do a lot of walking here.
Tomorrow we visit Radio Free Europe. Only one night in Prague, so tonight we feast!


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